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The database is still pretty empty. For the moment it is only possible to search for items. I am going to add more content within the next days !

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SoulWorker Item Database

About this game

SoulWorker – rapid combos set in an all-out anime action MMO!

rapid combo demonstration

SoulWorker has the moves to impress with rapid combat, real anime feeling and 4 unique characters available in the beta and for full release. Play solo or as part of a 4-man cooperative group – both styles are well served in PvE. The quick yet intense dungeons are teeming with demons, demanding perfect timing and well-placed skill combinations. Experience this post-apocalyptic anime world with impressive cel-shaded graphics and get to grips with the depths of the souls of each unique character.

Four classes at launch

A SoulWorker’s weapon is the window to their soul. The brave Haru Estia heads into battle wielding her mighty Soulum sword, while Lilly Bloommerchen’s expression of her madness takes the form of a destructive Mist Scythe. Scarred by her sorrowful past, young Stella Unibell defends herself from all attacks with the Howling Guitar. Former superstar engineer, Erwin Arclight blasts back enemies making use of his Gun Jazz.

SoulWorker’s Key Features:

Action-laden cooperative gameplay for up to 4 players ‘Playable anime’ thanks to impressive cel-shaded animations Unique battle style with personalised combos Large PvE content with over 100 dungeons PvP zone for mass battles on an open battlefield Dark post-apocalyptic setting with a captivating story

Source: Steam


Soul Worker Online Beginner Tips (Leveling & Farming) by Faviahn

About this database

What is a database

A database is a collection of information to guide every player to their specific goals.

What is planned

  • Drop of monsters
  • Contents of chests
  • List of NPCs and their stores
  • Skill simulator
  • List of dungeons + useful info
  • Guide section
  • Promotion of YT videos and other useful sites
  • Preview of upcoming game content
  • A nice community
  • System to organize meetings/raids ingame
and many more.